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2021 Reading Challenges

Hello fellow reading friends!

If any of you are interested, I am including some fun reading challenges you could incorporate into your reading life this coming year. I have done some of these and love how they encourage me to try a new author or genre.

  1. The Read-Aloud Challenge: This is for your kiddos! Sarah MacKenzie and the Read Aloud Revival host a fun challenge encouraging kids to read aloud ten minutes for twenty-five days in January. The packet includes ideas for prizes every five days, and a reward once your child completes the challenge. She encourages rewards to be more about experiences with the family rather than gifts. And, it is free t sign up! You can listen to her podcast episode about this here. I also highly recommend joining her RAR Premium, especially if you homeschool or if your child is interested in drawing or writing. She has some amazing resources and classes with famous writers and illustrators. It has been totally worth the subscription price!

  2. The Unread Shelf Project: Whitney Conard started this challenge a few years ago where she encourages readers to knock out some books on their shelves rather than purchasing new ones. If you hoard books like I do, this is a great one to sign up for. It is free and includes some great information on how to choose books, and how to purge your shelves of ones that no longer appeal to you. I have found Whitney super helpful!

  3. Tim Challies' Visual Theology: This is a Christian reading challenge that really encourages readers to look at what they are reading to see if it is pulling you closer to Christ, or pushing you farther from Him. I found this midway through the 2020, and I loved the book idea prompts included. Plus, it is divided up for the light, avid, committed, or obsessed readers. Check it out here! Scroll down to the bottom of the article for a free download.

  4. Modern Mrs. Darcy: Anne Bogel has her own reading challenge listed here. I am not as avid of a listener as I used to be, but I will look at Bogel's challenge to see if anything on her list appeals to me. If you love the podcast, then definitely check the challenge out.

  5. The Bible Recap: Join me and thousands of others as we read through the Bible chronologically in a year! This will be my third time through. Reading God's Word will change your life. Here's the link to get started. Tomorrow we start in Genesis!

If you know of any other fun reading challenges, let me know!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! God bless you all in 2021!

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