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Things I Love, Edition 2

Just some things I've been enjoying lately!

  • Carly Jean Los Angeles Clothing Line--I heard about this clothing line through an ad on one of my fave podcasts and decided to try them out. The owner is a Christian, many of the clothes are made in America, and the clothes hold up! I have slowly been transitioning my wardrobe into mostly CJLA clothes. Check them out!

  • Robin Long and Lindywell--I have been using this for pilates for the past year and a half and absolutely love it. I started out about 4-5 months postpartum, and it has been fabulous for strengthening my body after my fourth baby. You can try a free trial at the link above.

  • Allie Beth Stuckey's podcasts about Roe v. Wade being overturned-- (Episodes #633-634) I am so thankful that God influenced these Supreme Court justices to realize how unconstitutional the original ruling was. If you have had an abortion and regret it, there is forgiveness in the blood of Christ. He loves you and wants you to accept that free gift of forgiveness He offers. Also, there are so many lies and misinformation being propagated that miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies are abortions. This is a lie. They may be coded as 'spontaneous abortions' (a horrible designation), but they are not the same and no states are banning the treatment of these sad circumstances. I praise God that babies that would have been killed, will now have the chance at life. If you are pregnant or know someone who is and needs help, there are crisis pregnancy centers all over the US who are doing the hard (and now dangerous, see here and here) work of helping women in these positions. Just google your location and 'crisis pregnancy center'.

  • Liberty's Kids DVD series--leading up to the Fourth of July, my kiddos have been watching this series. We have really enjoyed it!

  • What Is A Woman? documentary by Matt Walsh--I recently watched this documentary delving into the fad to be transgender. The "science" behind this is just terrible, and the long-term effects unjustifiable. Walsh interviews leading surgeons, psychologists, and pediatricians who do and do not support this push. I thought he was very respectful in the way he was asking, too. It is highly interesting and I would recommend watching it.

  • Two songs have been on repeat in my car during our drives: My God Fights for Me and Reunion on Patmos

  • Phylicia Masonheimer's insta and website have been a great new find. She's a fellow Liberty U grad and does a great job explaining theological subjects in an easy to understand manner.

  • I am trying to NOT buy any more books since we will be moving within the year, but these are on my list! Ruth Chou Simons' Emmanuel, Pete Hegseth's Battle for the American Mind, H.C. Felder's The African American Guide to the Bible, Frank Turek's Hollywood Heroes, and the second and third Richard Osman's Thursday Murder Club series! I would also love to some hard copies of my favorite Kate Stradling and K.M. Shea books.

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Aug 14, 2022

I know Ruth Chou Simons. She’s the wife of the headmaster I taught under at a university model school in Albuquerque. They now live in CO. Melanie’s two oldest attend there this year.


Aug 14, 2022

This is a fun post!

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