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Things I'm Loving

I love it when people post random things they are loving, so every so often I will include a post like this too! Please share things you are loving these days too :)

#1 and #2---My sweet friend Heather recently started selling Lemongrass Spa, a company that makes products completely from natural, green ingredients. If you are not familiar with all the chemicals and carcinogens that are commonly present in lotions, makeup, soaps, etc. please read here. Or do your own research. I would posit that a great deal of America's health issues are from the things we put on and into our bodies. Anyway, these two products are some of my favorites so far.

  1. Sea Salt Spray: I love this. It smells like a piña colada for your hair. I have tried several sea salt sprays, but this one does not leave my hair feeling sticky. My boys ask me if I'm going to use my coconut spray when they see me getting ready. :)

  2. Lemon Sorbet Body Polish: this body polish smells a little like heaven on earth. I love it so much that I bought some for my mom. You can use it on rough skin or right before shaving.

  3. This podcast: America's Forgotten Heroes was recommended on one of my favorite blogs (Through Clouded Glass), and I want to add my own to the mix as well. I am about halfway through this mini-series that released on the week of Independence Day. The episodes have been fabulous to listen to--patriotic, well-researched, historical. Definitely check it out!

  4. The Balanced Life: my college roommate introduced me to Pilates and it was so relaxing during the stressful college days. I had somewhat forgotten how much I loved it until I heard a podcast with Robin, the founder of The Balanced Life. It's an online community with healthy recipes, pilates workouts, and encouragement. I have been doing it for two months so far and it has been a great way to relieve stress and strengthen my body postpartum.

  5. Taking Cara Babies: Cara is a mom, nurse, and baby sleep expert. I found her instagram page after baby #4, and recently purchased her plan for 5-24 month old babies. By the second night, my little guy has basically been sleeping through the night. Even if you choose not to purchase a sleeping plan, her IG page is filled with awesome tips. Check out her website!

Finally, linked here are three picture books we have recently checked out from the library that have been super cute.

Bird Count by Susan Edwards Richmond--a little girl and her mom join in the National Audubon Society's annual Christmas Bird Count.

A Walk in Paris by Salvatore Rubbino--follow a little girl and her grandpa as they visit famous Parisian sites, learn some French phrases, and interesting factoids about French culture.

The Old Man and the Penguin: A True Story of True Friendship by Julie Abery and Pierre Pratt--an old man discovers an oil-slicked penguin on his Brazilian beach, saves his life, and a lasting bond develops. Super sweet!

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Jul 27, 2021

Now I want that sea salt spray, Pilates, and two of those books!


Jul 27, 2021

Ah, thanks for the shout-out! Those picture books look adorable, I'm going to request them from our library now!

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